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Osteoarthritis Hip Outcomes

At Cell-Innovations all doctors and clinics that use our technology continually track the outcomes from patients and have all shown excellent outcomes for their patients . Patients who have SVF for osteoarthritis of the hips have demonstrated a 65% improvement on average in their osteoarthritis scores.

Not all patients will respond to Stromal Vascular Fraction (SVF) cell treatment, with results indicating that approximately 85% of osteoarthritis patients will be responders and 15% will be non-responders to the treatment.

Importantly Cell-Innovations now has a simple proprietary test to indicate whether you will be likely to respond to SVF cell treatment for your Osteoarthritis saving the patient undergoing the liposuction procedure and fees for treatment if you are classified as a non-responder to SVF cell treatment. Talk to your Doctor to have this test.

NB: The data presented below is a compilation of patient outcomes from in-house studies following SVF treatment.

In 20 hip osteoarthritis patients at 1 year post-SVF treatment there is an average improvement of 65%

graph 20 Osteoarthritis Hip Outcomes


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