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Our Package

Cell-Innovations offers newly patented technology to extract Stromal Vascular Fraction cells using an Ultrasonic Cavitation process

What we have to offer is a package that includes a full laboratory and surgical equipment to extract Stromal Vascular Fraction (SVF) cells from adipose tissue to treat your patients. Our technology is highly efficient, cost effective and provides a much higher cell count and viability than traditional cell extraction methods.

With this technology, your clinic will have the ability to treat various types of regenerative diseases such as osteoarthritis, migraine and tendon injuries. You will have the opportunity to participate in a research group on the forefront of innovations in the field of regenerative medicine.

Cell-Innovations ultrasonic cavitation technology offers a range of benefits over the traditional use of enzymes or culturing:

Cell-Innovations Patented Technology
Process: Clean- no enzymes
Time frame: 40 minutes
Cell count: 2-4 million/gram
Rate of dead cells: 5-15%
Time of use: Used immediately (as culturing not required)
Cost of disposables: Approx. $20/patient
Enzyme and Culturing
Process: Use of Animal or Bacteria Products
Time frame: 150 Minutes
Cell count: 0.4-0.5 million/gram
Rate of dead cells: 15-30%
Time of use: Delayed use due to culturing
Cost of disposables: Approx. $1000+/patient

Our Package

Discover our comprehensive package with all of the patented technology you require...

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Our regenerative medical technology has an incredibly vast range of applications. Our package has been found to show positive results for a number of medical conditions...

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