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Intellectual Property

Cell-Innovations is building a dominant portfolio within the field of cell therapy to protect its lead technologies.

Our patent estate includes a composition of matter and method claims, and a geographic breadth of filings. We have four pending Patent Cooperation Treaty (PCT) patents in regenerative medicine. The PCT allows the making of the applications in most international territories.

Specifically our patents cover the use of ultrasonic cavitation for the separation of Stromal Vascular Fraction (SVF) from adipose tissue. These cells may be used for a number of disease conditions.

The commercial focus of Cell-Innovations is on osteoarthritis although our proprietary technology includes other areas such as:

1.  Clinical tests to determine the suitability of SVF treatment for osteoarthritis.

2.  Treatment of Migraine and Tension -Type Headaches by SVF and cultured adult stem cells. This patent is accessible for research purposes (free if advise the Company of its purposes) and commercial use (a yearly fee). Enquiries for the use of this patent should be made directly to the CEO.

3.  Other novel diseases treatments by SVF, and cultured adult stem cells.

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